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April 11, 2018


Derby is a popular term used to refer to a type of soccer game between two rival teams which are close to each other in a geographical way. That means teams which belong to the same town, city or region. Derby is known to be the most important game. It is so much popular because people are emotionally involved in this. The take these games personally. The rivalry between teams started long ago but the rivalry may last for century or more. People and politics also become the part of this rivalry. Through this long rivalry among teams many manager changes and many players come and go but their pride always supply fuel to keep the rivalry going. Each rival team plays for a great stake, they play for their teams, their pride, their fans.

Most popular derby rivalries in the world

Among all kinds of matches held in the football ground derbies are the most excited ones not only in terms of two rival teams locking in each other but also in the mentions of the players, management & overall that the fans & their sentiments. Most, not worthy derbies are noted below:
  • The El Clásico
El Clásico is more than any ordinary derby. It is one of the best rivalries in football history i.e. Real Madrid vs Barcelona. These two clubs are known to be absolute best. The rivalry between these two Spanish clubs is among the oldest. Many word class players are made by these clubs. In old time one of the best players like Raul and Ronaldinhorepresented these clubs and currently world best player Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi represents these clubs.
  • Derby Della Madonnina
In Italy, Milan derby is considered the biggest. It was played in San Siro stadium which is a common stadium for both of the team’s homeland. The teams are Milan and Inter Milan. Both have a great fighting history and fighting more than football is a common fact in this derby. These two teams are greatly influenced by political terms as one of them (Ac Milan) owned by a Prime Minister Silvio. Even if these teams went through many rise and fall, the rivalry between them still holds a lot of respect and pride for the fans.
  • The Manchester Derby
The Manchester derby is one of the most popular derbies in the world. This is played between city rivals Manchester United and Manchester City. It always attracts a large number of crowds.
  • The North West Derby
This derby is considered to be the greatest derby. This is one of the most anticipated derbies and it played between two of the greatest clubs in football history, Manchester United and Liverpool. Both clubs have combined trophies of 121 wins where Manchester United has the lead.
  • Derby d'Italia
This is one of the most tightly competed matches between two Italian beasts in sports history. It is played between Inter Milan and Juventus. Like Milan derby, this too has a political conflicted situation. In the long history, 214 matches are played between them Juventus has the lead.

Other famous derbies in soccer history

  • Der Klassiker: This is played between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.
  • The North London Derby: This is played between Arsenal and Tottenham.
  • El Derbi Madrileño: This is played between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.
  • The Old Firm Derby: This is played by Rangers and the Celtic.
  • The Merseyside Derby: This is played between Liverpool and Everton.
  • Derby Del Maestro: This is played between AC Milan and AS Roma.
  • Choc des Olympiques: This is played between Lyon and Marseille.
From above we came to know that derbies are considered the most important matches in sports entertainment history. The revelry of these teams makes these matches even more interesting. Throughout the history, Derby matches took the context of football to a new height. Sports are all about competition and there is no better competition in sports than the derby. The breathtaking sensation, the high-stakes competition of derby makes soccer the best game in the world in teams of popularity.
April 11, 2018


Sports video-games never face problems regarding their existence in our generation. But hey, I did not mention anything about Soccer Games. God bless those companies which are continuously manufacturing soccer games for numerous judgemental players across the globe. The game developers themselves don’t get to know how their rival companies are progressing. In this matter, when they release together on the market those players make them aware of the performance and ratings they deserve. Two widely renowned developer company EA and Konami are the best two rivals available in this generation who produce FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer respectively for us.

The contrast between Features: FIFA 18’ and PES 18’

The head of the head potential rivalry between PES and the Mighty FIFA always remains at their position. People often fall in a thought, whether they should buy FIFA or PES instead. The comparison is described below, take a look at it.
Detailed Features FIFA 18’ PES 18’
Cost 59.9 USD 59.9 USD
Date of Release 29-09-2017 12-09-2017
Developer’s Name EA Sports Konami
Important Licences
One-Player Story-mode
Simulative Gameplay
Take on Career or any Franchise
Modes defining Collector
Demanded Visualization
Operate Customization
Audio Digitization

EA Being the Leader of Copywrites:

As the company is a very renowned due to its various video-game presentations, they have a very oriented business strategy in the present-day market. Licensing is one of the key factors to building your dream in virtual reality. All the objects in visualization need a one-on-one permit from their owners. This company has successfully secured that place compared with other developing companies. The developers from Konami came up with an idea which refers the player to personalize any club or game as they want. The company is thinking about making it easier than the rival game FIFA. Many adopted this as they started liking own customizing battles. But, FIFA did not step in this matter so that the flavor of real craze must remain.

Gameplay: Equivalently Amazing

To be a provider of smooth and best quality gameplay was the primary aim of KONAMI. Last year was mesmerizing, this company almost beat the game-play of EA’s child. Now EA has worked on the A.I more than previous and introduced super enhanced dribble tactics. Both the game will amaze you in this case.

Besides Anything, Players Run Behind Content:

Firstly, this year is a surprising year for the PES lovers, the developers have made a special change in My-Club. The fastest man on earth U. Bolt and the most controversial soccer player Maradona has been launched in here for a different purpose. Secondly, the offering of Ultimate Team is only available at EAs side. Points and Cards which you win after every task will lead you to sign different legendary players in your club. These two games are very attractive alternatives if I were in your place I would have bought both of these.

Modes of Playing:

Both of these games are multi-player games supported online partners. Think of this, you and your 10 friends are ruling the game of soccer over the world. Both the companies have put their best effort to present these games to you.


We are in a generation which has an equal number of sportsmen and gamers within us. Some play on the field where some are ripping others off on the internet and multi-playing. The most controversial sport in this world is soccer, the gamers who choose this over any other sports are two very happening. We should thank both the companies EA and Konami because they gave us a choice so that we can make our call on our own.